Experience Freedom,
Trade Decentralised

DeFi AMM on Starknet

Trade on an innovative DeFi product that utilizes Concentrated Liquidity Pools.

Low Slippage

Maximize your trades with minimal price impact.

Flexible Strategies

Keep your liquidity provision flexible to be able to respond to shifting market circumstances and maximize returns.

Open-source & Composable

Trade without restrictions. Our protocol comprises a set of open-source smart contracts written in Cairo 1.0.


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Introducing Donex Finance

Donex Finance allows users to seamlessly trade, swap and stake their digital assets without the need for intermediaries or centralised authorities.

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Our Manifesto

Our mission is to create a platform that provides a seamless and secure experience for DeFi users. We are committed to building a protocol that is transparent, open and community-driven.

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Addressing the shortcomings of the current iteration of AMMs

Despite the rapid growth of AMMs, there are still some shortcomings that need to be addressed.

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